Sodium tungstate
Tungstic acid
Calcium tungstate
potassium tungstate
Phosphotungstic acid
Sodium dodecatungstophosphate hydrate
Ammonium Paratungstate
Ammonium metatungstate
Tungsten trioxide
Sodium molybdate
Ammonium molybdate
Ammonium dimolybdate
Tetraammonium tetramolybdate
Ammonium heptamolybdate
Ammonium octamolybdate
Barium molybdate
Molybdenum trioxide
Molybdic acid
Industry sodium molybdate
Industry ammonium molybdate
 Oxalyl chloride
 Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride
 Formamidinesulfinic acid
 Pentabromophenyl ether

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